Working with us means working with experts.

Digitization has a firm grip on the business world and is changing every company’s strategy, organization, culture and processes in the long run. Since all areas of life are moving towards a digital world, companies need to use these structural changes to their advantage. Only then will they be able to meet the market’s requirements and remain competitive.

This also means that companies need to employ more than traditional recruitment processes in order to win over digital experts. These specialists need to have both a technical understanding as well as soft skills required by today’s digital world.

Our consultants are the perfect choice for finding these kinds of specialists. They have worked in the digital industry themselves and know its needs and requirements.

Our Network

Good candidates recommend good colleagues and the best candidates are often part of a coworker’s or friend’s network. We tap into these networks.

As an HR consultancy, we not only accompany digital startups as they establish their business models on the market, but also medium-sized Internet companies as they grow and corporations as they develop new digital units.

Our Philosophy

We see ourselves as a service provider and place special emphasis on communicating constructively with our customers while being completely transparent regarding costs and effort.

„Partnering with us means that the biggest talents of the digital industry can become part of your team.“

Katharina Wolff founder of D-Level



The digital industry is growing, and with it the demand for executives and experts in areas such as eCommerce, IT and startups. It is not easy to find highly qualified candidates in these areas and the search for the right candidate is usually very time consuming. In order to protect your time and resources, we are happy to take on this recruitment process.


Good Reasons

We only accept mandates that we can successfully recruit for. Hiring us means hiring an established HR consultancy that works with the lean methods of a startup. We are efficient and close to our customers. As headhunters we target experts and executives directly.

Current Jobs

Working with us means working with experts

At D-Level we emphasize the candidate: We only seek top applicants and often look for specialists. Our pool of candidates isn’t just our craft; it’s also our business card. We want our candidates to see us as long-term partners for all of their career decisions. Therefore we don’t just place our candidates in a job, but consult them comprehensively – so that their next career choice in the digital industry becomes a huge success.

8 Years of
Real Digital Expertise

Digital consultants for the digital age.

We were among the first HR consultancies in Germany to specialize in the digital economy in 2010. We understand its trends, the changes in the market and know the most important digital actors like no other consultancy in Germany.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an HR consultancy, a recruitment agency and a headhunter? We give answers to your most frequently asked questions.


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